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Portrait - 60x60cm, pencil/ paper
"Family Portrait"- 60x70cm, pencil/paper
Portrait - 50x50cm, pencil/paper
Portrait "Rebecca"- 80x70cm, watercolor/paper
Portrait "Rebecca"- 80x70cm, watercolor/paper
Portrait "Rebecca"- 80x70cm, watercolor/paper/detail
Portrait - 43x60cm, pencil/paper
Portrait - 43x60cm, pencil/paper/detail
Portrait "Sig.Antonio Battistella"-54x74cm, watercolor/paper
Portrait "Sig.Antonio Battistella"-54x74cm, watercolor/paper/detail
Portrait - 42x60cm, pencil/paper
Portrait - 60x60cm, pencil/paper
Portrait - 45x60cm, pencil/paper/detail
Portrait "Maria-Magdalena"- 30x38cm, watercolor/paper
Portrait "Maria-Magdalena"- 30x38cm, watercolor/paper/ detail
"Family Portrait"- 50x60cm, watercolour/ paper
Portrait caricature - 20x30cm, pencil/paper
"Family Portrait"- 66x82cm, pencil/paper
Portrait - 50x70cm, pencil/paper
"Family Portrait"- 65x75cm, pencil/paper

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