Works of Authorship
Works - Compositions

"Flight" 21x30cm watercolors-paper
"Flowers of Tear" 55x75cm color pencils, watercolors-paper
"Kittens" 20x29cm watercolors-paper
"Kitty" 30x38cm watercolors/paper
"Flamingo" 21x30cm watercolors-paper
"Flamingoes" 21x30cm watercolors-paper
"Girl" 28x40cm watercolors-paper
"At the Well" 18x29 cm watercolors /paper
"Basket Campionato" 55x74cm watercolors-paper
"The Musical Resonance", 53x74 cm, watercolor/paper
"The Saxophone on the table"- 52 x 54 cm, watercolor/paper
"The Musicality" - 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper
„The Musical Composition” - 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper
"The Harmony", 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper
„The Jazz Breath” - 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper
„The Melody” - 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper
"Music of the saxophone" - 54x74cm
"A Musical Vibration"- 54x74 cm watercolor/paper
„Jazz Music” - 52x62cm, watercolor/paper
„BASKET ORMELLE”- 54x74 cm, watercolor/paper

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